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A Mapmaker for Self-Driving Cars

Posted by on Jan 7, 2016 in autonomous cars, maps, navigation, self-driving cars | 0 comments

A Mapmaker for Self-Driving Cars

If you’re directionally challenged, you may have dreamed of never having to navigate again as your car finds its way by itself. That day is edging ever closer as self-driving (autonomous) cars are being developed and tested.

John Ristevski, of HERE, a global company that builds high-resolution maps, is one of the people who may make it possible for you (and your autonomous car) to navigate under normal conditions and even in a blizzard, when you can’t see the road in front of you.

He and his staff are processing data “from more than 200 data-collecting vehicles roaming more than 1000 cities in over 100 countries. Staffers are busy supplementing that information with probe data provided by more than 2 million connected vehicles plying a range of international roadways.”

Will that give you the confidence to let go of the wheel? According to Ristevski, “One of the biggest hurdles self-driving cars will have is simply becoming a technology drivers are comfortable with.”

Learn more about it here:

If you’re directionally challenged you need the award-winning book, Directional Sense: How to Find Your Way Around, by Janet R. Carpman and Myron A. Grant.


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