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Wayfinding Confusion in a Turkish City

Do you think the US is one of the most confusing places for directionally challenged (and not-so challenged) people to navigate? Well, as the song goes, it ain’t necessarily so.

A web article describing the wayfinding woes of a Turkish city called Fethiye (pop. ~68,000), shows that disorienting places aren’t limited to those closest to us.

Even if you’re not on your way to Turkey, it’s worth taking a look at this article to see how finding your way around Fethiye may be much like finding your way around the places you find confusing: coping with the mysterious logic of street names and numbers, needing previous experience in order to understand references to landmarks, having difficulty seeing small street signs, and mistakenly following incorrect directions given by locals in the interest of being helpful.   

What’s the most disorienting city or town you’ve experienced?

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If you’re directionally challenged you need the book, Directional Sense: How to Find Your Way Around, by Janet R. Carpman and Myron A. Grant.


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